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Juvenile Accounts

Become a GR8 Saver with your Credit Union

At Slieve Gullion Credit Union Limited savings for those under 16 is great fun with special schemes and competitions such as the annual Art Competition and yearly Quiz which are run in conjunction with the local Primary Schools

The sooner you save the faster your money can grow. Your Credit Union account helps you to learn about money and to save for that more expensive item you’ve always wanted to buy.

Piggy bank for a rainy day

Opening your CU account


The application form can obtained at our office and needs to be completed by the child’s parent or guardian (to be known as “the signing parent” or guardian) by the child themselves if he/she is able to write.

Money Withdrawing:

An application to withdraw funds from the account must be signed by the child/minor (unless they are under the age of seven or they are unable to write) and the signing parent/guardian only.

If the child is unable to write or is under the age of seven the signing parent or guardian must make an application to the board of directors. Only the signing parent/guardian may operate this account.

Why save?

When you put your money in a Credit Union, each year it gets paid interest or dividends – this is a reward to you for saving your money.

In the second year you will receive a dividend on the money you saved. This means that the money you save can grow rapidly.


Saving Schemes at your Primary School


Join the Credit Union savings scheme at your primary school in Killeen, Meigh, Dromintee, Forkhill or Mullaghbawn or simply ask your parent/guardian to take you to your local credit union in Forkhill.


Smart saving tips for kids


When you have your account number and your own passbook you can come and see us on a regular basis to add to your savings.

Try to put some money aside from your pocket money and when you get money as a gift. No matter how small, you will see what fun it is to save for the future and to watch your money grow.

Like your parents you can now save for something small which will take only a few weeks, or something bigger which may take a little longer to save for.

Whatever your goal, it is easier to save when you know what you are saving for, but it is also great to see how quickly it builds up.

CU Saving Soon!

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Your eligible deposits are protected up to a total of £85,000 under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK’s deposit protection scheme. Any deposits you hold above the £85,000 are not covered. To find out more talk to us, visit or view the online leaflet in our forms section



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